Our fleet consists of hundreds of single truck owner-operators and multi-truck fleet owners. At DSV Road Transport, Inc. we take our commitment to the trucker seriously. We support the trucker with management, marketing staff, friendly safety specialists and efficient settlement personnel. Our Operations department provides each contractor with a highly qualified coordinator that is committed to make your business a success. DSV Road Transport Inc. assures the contractor and his driver top profitability by maintaining an optimum level of freight and keeping deadhead miles to a minimum.

A professional team supports our contractors and their drivers. Our Sales and Marketing departments work on a solid customer base and balance it geographically. Our five regional terminals work directly with our customers as well as our contractors on a daily basis to pre-plan your next load and destination preference. It is a great feeling to know that you have a load waiting on you as soon as you empty!! DSV Road Transport Inc. runs a "First In, First Out" dispatch with all equipment to ensure fair and equitable treatment.

Our support staff facilitates the reporting, filing and compliance functions, leaving our contractors and their drivers free to deliver the freight in a timely manner. Data processing reduces the heavy load of paperwork, cutting overhead expenses and strengthening a vital aspect of customer and contractor relations. Our Claims Department is extremely efficient in settling those rare problems that do arise.