Heavy Haul Driver Jobs at DSV Road Transport Inc.

DSV Road Transport Inc."Heavy Haul Division" has a variety of equipment from 5axle up to 9axle combinations. These consist of multi-axle drop deck trailers, RGN trailers and stretch equipment. We specialize in moving Construction and agricultural equipment but also are involved in Oilfield business as well as any other needs that our customers require. We routinely handle freight up to 18 feet wide / 16 feet high loaded and up to 105,000 pounds.

Over Dimensional Loads

Heavy Haul Loads

If you are a contractor with heavy haul RGN experience, DSV Road Transport Inc. has excellent job opportunities for you. Your percentage increases with the number of axles you have on your truck and trailer. We have a dedicated group of people to help you with loads, permits and escorts.
For more information on heavy haul jobs at DSV Road Transport Inc., e-mail recruiting, call them at 800-457-2349, or fill out an application.

Equipment Hauling