DSV Road Transport Inc. has an attractive program for fleet owners with a number of advantages over running a fleet under your own authority. Some of the advantages are:

Consistent Freight
  • You'll be drawing from our load, customer, and agent base.
  • Your deadhead and layover time will be reduced.
  • More loads and less layover and deadhead will increase your profits.
Brokerage Revenue
  • Any excess freight you have will be much easier for you to make money on, as you will then have DSV Road Transport Incs' fleet of trucks to move your freight on, as well as our in-house brokerage department to help move your freight for you.
Reduced Costs
  • DSV Road Transport Inc. provides 100% of your cargo and liability insurance.
  • You can get collision, bobtail and workers' comp insurance through us at a fleet discount of a trucking company with one of the greatest safety records in the nation.
  • Your administrative costs will be lowered as:
    • Our safety department will be making sure that DSV Road Transport Inc. maintains one of the highest safety standards in the industry.
    • Our credit and billing department make sure that you get paid correctly and on time for the freight you haul.
    • Our recruiting department works for you using regional and national advertising, along with hiring bounties to keep your trucks moving.
Reduced Credit Risks
  • The reliability of your cash flow will be increased:
    • You will be paid every Friday for all loads turned in by Thursday even if a customer pays late or not at all*. (*Provided the customer is within our credit guidelines)
Lower Exposure to Liability
  • Your liability risk will be lowered as you will be running under our authority and on our cargo and liability insurance.

We can also provide a graduated revenue scale that increases based on the number of trucks contracted to DSV Road Transport Inc. by a single fleet owner.